Thommy Nozaki

Born & raised in Sao Paulo · Based in Paris Lisbon

Product designer at Poatek ↗ & Co-founder of Monster Lab ↗

Also invoved with:
CS:ME ↗︎ & CSS Design Awards ↗︎.

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Former partner in two startups:
Yubb ↗︎ & Coleticidade ↗︎.

Luckily to have the chance to design and help brands such as Avon, Blue Man Group, Bradesco, Chillibeans, Electrolux, Gizmodo, Grey Goose, Itaú Bank, League of Legends (Riot Games) ↗︎, Motorola, Next Bank ↗︎, Nissan, Saint Gobain, Santander, Sony, among other brands.

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Ooh, a bit of me. Brazilian with Japanese roots, living in Europe for the past 5 years.

When I was 14 years old, I got “my” first computer connected to the internet. During my daily 3-hour quota - I shared it with my two sisters - I discovered the wonderful digital world.

So, I started creating blogs for my friends, among which a fan site of Red Hot Chili Peppers and a website for my hardcore teenage band :)

At uni, I had my major in design; despite my color blindness issues, I was good in “Theory of Colors” my thesis was focused on immersive digital rooms and how to improve the learning experience with the help of augmented reality. ↗︎.